458 Madison Ave

Akron OH 44320

June 19, 2024 @ 11:11 pm

Juneteenth: A Celebration of Freedom and Prayerful Reflection

As we gather to commemorate Juneteenth, our hearts are filled with gratitude and remembrance. This day marks a pivotal moment in our history - June 19, 1865, the day when the last enslaved African Americans in Texas were informed of their freedom, two and a half years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

In our church, Juneteenth is not only a celebration of physical freedom but also a time for spiritual renewal and prayerful reflection. It's an opportunity to acknowledge the strength and resilience of our ancestors who endured unimaginable hardships and to thank God for the progress made towards equality and justice. Yet, it's also a moment to collectively pray for continued strength and wisdom as we strive towards a future where freedom and justice are experienced by all.

On this Juneteenth, we come together as a community to honor this significant day in African American history. We remember those who fought for freedom, we celebrate the strides taken towards equality, and we pray earnestly for guidance, healing, and unity. Our services will include special prayers, hymns, and sermons that reflect our journey, our hope, and our faith in God's unwavering love and justice.

We invite everyone to join us in this meaningful celebration. Let us come together to pray, reflect, and envision a future filled with peace, dignity, and brotherhood, under the grace and guidance of the Lord.

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