Pastor Vincent E. Peterson

First Lady

First Lady Evelyn Peterson

Associate Ministers

Rev. Antoine Anderson

Min. Bobby J. Eslick II

Min. Vincent E. Peterson II

Deacon Board

Bro. Jesse Williams – Chairman

Bro. Lonnie O’Neal – Co-Chairman

Bro. Don Carter

Bro. J.B. Edwards

Bro. Stewart O’Neil

Church Officers

Bro. Robert Dowdell – Treasurer

Sis. Meaka Lewis – Assistant Treasurer

Sis. Patricia Idley – Financial Secretary

Sis. Malika Kidd- Church Clerk

Sis. Nicolette Oneal – Assistant Church Clerk

Sis. Ruth Hill – Sunday School Superintendent

Bro.Eddie Watson – Assistant Sunday School Superintendent

Board of Trustees

Bro. Henry Johnson

Min. Bobby Eslick

Bro. Jason Edwards

Bro. Howard Dowdell

Sis. Lois Ducksworth

Sis. Darlene Elliott

Min. Vincent E Peterson I

Sis. Rachelle Cobb

Usher Board

Sis. Anita Barnett – President

Bro. Dwayne Carter – Vice-President

Sis. Ann Walters – Secretary

Sis. Darlene Elliott – Treasurer

Sis. Marguerite Dowdell – Chaplain

Bro. Lacy Robins – Sgt. of Arms

Upcoming Events

march, 2020

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