458 Madison Ave

Akron OH 44320



Pastor Vincent E. Peterson

First Lady

First Lady Evelyn Peterson

Associate Ministers

Rev. Antoine Anderson

Min. Bobby J. Eslick II

Min. Vincent E. Peterson II

Deacon Board

Bro. Jesse Williams – Chairman

Bro. Lonnie O’Neal – Co-Chairman

Bro. Don Carter

Bro. J.B. Edwards

Bro. Stewart O’Neil

Church Officers

Bro. Robert Dowdell – Treasurer

Sis. Meaka Lewis – Assistant Treasurer

Sis. Patricia Idley – Secretary

Sis. Malika Kidd- Church Clerk

Sis. Nicolette Oneal – Assistant Church Clerk

Sis. Ruth Hill – Sunday School Superintendent


Board of Trustees

Bro. Henry Johnson

Min. Bobby Eslick

Bro. Jason Edwards

Bro. Howard Dowdell

Sis. Lois Ducksworth

Bro. Justin Millette

Min. Vincent E Peterson I

Sis. Rachelle Cobb

Usher Board

Sis. Anita Barnett – President

Bro. Dwayne Carter – Vice-President

Sis. Ann Walters – Secretary

Sis. Darlene Elliott – Treasurer

Sis. Marguerite Dowdell – Chaplain

Bro. Lacy Robins – Sgt. of Arms

Upcoming Events

september, 2023

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