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We welcome your ideas as we strive to stay Blessed And Delivered through our outstanding church and ministries.
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Providence, we have several ministries on which you may serve. As you worship and grow with us, please consider the following ministries that provide a foundation for you to serve the Lord and do God’s work.

We welcome your ideas as we strive to stay Blessed And Delivered through our outstanding church and ministries.

Church Van Ministry

Lack of transportation is no longer an excuse for not coming to church! The Church Van Ministry will pick you up at your front door, bring you to Providence, and get you home safely.

Courtesy Committee

May we please welcome you to God’s house? Among other things, the Courtesy Committee is responsible for ensuring that visitors to Providence feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated so much so that they can’t wait to return for a second, third, fourth, fifth, and subsequent visits until they decide to join as members. The Courtesy Committee greets our visitors, shares information about the church, answers questions, and provides welcome packets of information for visitors to take home when they leave.

Deacon Board

Deacons serve a vital role at Providence. These dedicated men of God are responsible for assisting the pastor in serving the church members. Deacons visit and administer communion to the sick and shut-in, lead the Sunday morning congregational devotion worship service, and serve on other church ministries.

Deaconesses' Ministry

Deaconesses serve as the complement of the Deacons. The women of the Deaconesses’ Ministry function as the matriarchal leadership of the church. In addition to providing support for the Deacons, Deaconesses also assist in leading devotion and mentoring the young women of the church.

JAM – Jesus and Me Youth Ministry

Children are the future! The number of young people at Providence is growing. The JAM ministry is responsible for ensuring that young people grow and learn to serve the Lord in ways that are productive to the church, themselves, and to the community at large. Young people learn to be leaders as they participate in fund raisers, praise and worship dancing, and community outreach.

Jubilee Choir Ministry

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord! The choir ministry consists of worship leaders who summon the Holy Spirit through song. The choir is always in need of people who can or want to learn to sing. Whether you’re a soprano, alto, tenor, bass, or musician, your talents and willingness to serve will be put to good use. The choir sings during Sunday morning worship services, accompanies the Pastor as guests invited to oustside worship services, and represents Providence as a guest choir during song-filled worship services throughout the region.

Kitchen Ministry

Here’s some food for thought: Jesus instructed his disciples to “feed my sheep.” Of course, Jesus was referring to spiritual feeding, but it’s also important for us to be physically fed. The Kitchen Ministry is responsible for ensuring that meals are properly and safely prepared and administered for congregational dining as well as for distribution throughout the community.

"Know How?" Ministry

There are no secrets in this ministry! This ministry is for people who would like to share their abilities with others. Whether you know how to sew, change a flat tire, scrapbook, program computers, repair homes, or garden, this ministry will allow you to share it with others. As individuals volunteer to share their knowledge, you are welcome to sign up for the Saturday afternoon classes so that you, too, can “Know How.”

Mission Ministry

The “mission” of the Mission Ministry is to ensure that Providence does all it can to serve its community. Mission activities include everything from providing food for the less fortunate to visiting the sick and afflicted.

Mothers Board Ministry

Women have traditionally played a strong role as the backbone of the church. The mother’s board ministry takes the leadership responsibility for mentoring the seniors, young adults, and youth of the church, as well as serving as advisor to the Pastor.

Nurses' Guide Ministry

Is there a doctor in the house? If not, you can rest assured that the Nurses’ Guild Ministry is there to serve! The women and men of the Nurse’s Guild Ministry ensure that members and visitors are comfortable and safe during worship services. These individuals are trained in CPR, and equipped to provide basic necessities during services to help prevent medical emergencies.

Sunday School Teachers' Ministry

Everyone can remember a favorite teacher. Teachers touch lives in ways that are meaningful to people, and help to shape them as they grow and develop throughout life. You don’t have to be a content expert to teach Sunday School. We have seasoned teachers and instructional manuals to help guide you through lessons that are taught to all age groups. It is often by teaching that we also learn!

Trustee Board

The Trustees of Providence are the folks who maintain fiscal responsibility for the church. The members of the Trustee Board meet regularly to ensure that the church remains an excellent steward of its financial capital.

Usher Board Ministry

Stand at the door of God’s house! Ushers are extremely important, as they are oftentimes the first people members and guests meet as they enter the sanctuary. The ushers’ role is to welcome and greet members and guests, escort them to their seats, and provide fans, programs, offering envelopes, and other items to members and visitors to aid in the worship experience.

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