Insights for Midnight

Minister Anderson brings the word about Midnight. Acts 6:25 – There is a process to help you to reach your purpose.

A Lesson from a Donkey

Pastor Peterson preaches from Matthew 21: 1- 11 “A Lesson from a Donkey” on this beautiful Passover Sunday. Watch and find out who the Donkey is and what it means to us as a people.

I got a reason why, because I’m a survivor. Last Sunday of 2020

Join us for the last Sunday of 2020 as Pastor brings us a word from Luke 17: 11-17. I Got a reason why, because I’m a survivor.

Believe it or Not

View the service from Minister Vincent Peterson II, as he preaches from John 3:11-12. This is the service before Christmas Sunday of 2020. God is calling us to do more, he is calling us to be great to people and to seek people. Show some love, tell your story, and let’s change people’s lives. Ask […]

Morning Worship

Movie Night

From 6pm to 8pm on January 26th 2018.